Friday, June 29, 2007

I use it because I used to it

Two of my friends and I worked at a company as the software engineers for a mini-mart project. The project manager told us that he had done a similar project which we could use to customize for the new project.

His project used Microsoft Access as the interface and SQL Server as the database system.

At the early point of the new project, we came to the stage of technology dilemma. Should we use the same technology, MS Access and SQL, VB, VB.Net, or Java?
All three of us were more comfortable with VB or VB.Net than MS Access but we chose the latter.

Before it was a surprise to me to hear most of my friends say that many companies (including a bank) in Cambodia are still using legacy language.

"Why the legacy language?"
"Why not the new and improved VB.Net? Or platform-independent Java?"

In our case, we chose the legacy language simply because that the previous project we base on use the legacy one and that we were told it would simply be a minor customization. But it turned out to be a major work! I'll tell the painful experience in the next blog.

Now why do companies use legacy language?
Possible reasons:
-They are used to it.
-They fear the risk of adopting new language.

It is similar to why Linux evangelists find it extremely hard to lure people out of Windows.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Khmer Unicode and Netbeans 6

I have managed to use Khmer Unicode with Eclipse 3.2 but not without pain. Netbeans 5.5 is no better. Now Netbeans 6.0 is doing right!!! I hope the upcoming Ecipse 3.3 will breaks the ice.

Khmer Unicode works well with Netbeans 6

I'm really impressed with what Netbeans 6 can do.

Netbeans has a great tutorial on how to use its powerful GUI builder Matisse. Wanna try?
Go here:

Plus a tutorial on "Internationalizing a GUI Form". After the tutorial, you will be able to localize your program, may be as your preference, using Khmer Unicode.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Wanna join?

I have just enrolled in a free online Java course run by a Java evangelist of Sun Microsystem, Sang Shin:

JavaTM EE (J2EE) Programming (with Passion!)

You can register the course at

At the end of the course, you will be given a certificate given that you submit all the homeworks.

If you are already enrolled (or is going to study the course) and need a classmate to discuss the lesson, you are more than welcome to join with me provided that you meet my criterion.

My criterion:
-Basic understanding on Java Standard Edition
-Some basic understanding on XML
-Some basic understanding on HTML
-Is passionate with J2EE
-Have commitment to the course
-Can devote some of your time.

Interested? Leave me a comment! :)